Back Studio is a well-lit working art studio, open to artists and art admirers alike, thoughtfully designed and considered to be a malleable, multi-purpose space for a variety of artisans and inspirations.

Located in the fast-growing Tauriko Business Estate, Back Studio is a unique art nexus where resident artist Jacki Barklie makes art, runs workshops, and collaborates with inspiring creative practitioners.

Featured in Back Studio is anything from large contemporary works suited to modern homes, interior design, hotel foyers or corporate buildings, to small intimate pieces suitable for gift giving. We cater to those looking for that extra special and original piece that has been created by design, made through curiosity and touched by artisans’ hands.

Back Studio aims to gather skilled creative practitioners and artists from different genres, with a similar philosophy - to collaborate, bring new energy and create something extraordinary.

We would love to hear from you, whether you are looking to buy or rent art, or hire the space to exhibit or hold an event or workshop, please get in touch by emailing info@backstudio.nz – we are open to collaboration and fresh ideas you may have.